A fun pseudonymous way to signal in Retro Funding 4

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Rank the projects you believe deserve retro funding

Learn about each project and filter your collection before ranking it.

Vote anytime, anywhere

Mobile first experience - vote anytime, anywhere, without worrying about your MetaMask login.

Vote and share feedback pseudo pseudonymously

Vote and share feedback freely without public pressure.

Get rewarded for voting

Collect rewards and badges, and stay tuned for upcoming features to boost your voting experience.

Transforming community signaling into a game-like experience

Discover and choose projects you love!

The Pairwise algorithm ranks projects based on your preferences, making it easy for you to see their value in the ecosystem.

Just like scrolling through social media, you'll enjoy exploring and engaging with projects. Your input provides essential insights.

Join the experiment and boost digital democracy.

Explore and promote the best onchain projects in the collective.

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