Curate RetroPGF 3 Voting Lists with Pairwise

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Empowering BadgeHolders

Pairwise is a platform for quickly curating project lists for RetroPGF 3 voting! Contribute to allocating funding in the Optimism ecosystem and have fun doing it!


Beginning Your Journey

Simplifying Project Review

Crafted for RPGF, Pairwise transforms the overwhelming task of reviewing numerous projects into a manageable and focused activity. Concentrate on the projects you know best, and contribute to a more informed and balanced allocation of funds.

Streamlining List Creation

With Pairwise, you can easily create, edit, and share curated lists of projects, to be imported directly into Agora and West for final voting. By progressing through planets and moons, the process of list-making is engaging and fun!

Leveraging Your Expertise

Pairwise streamlines the review process, guiding you to the categories and projects that align with your expertise. Your insights are crucial; they ensure that funds are distributed to projects that truly make an impact in the Optimism ecosystem.

Fostering Collective Impact

Pairwise is more than just a tool; it’s a community of informed badge holders shaping the outcomes and future of RetroPGF. Join us in making a lasting impact, guaranteeing that projects with proven impact and value receive the recognition and resources they deserve.

Voted Projects

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